Connecting affordable fashion with sustainability and an attention to accessible, durable design is the fuel that propels JZO Fashion. Everything we do as a consortium is tethered to these ideas, and they influence our design decisions, our business strategy and the kind of men and women we dress.

We care about where the clothes we make end up, who makes them and why the matter to the people who shop our racks. We are a people oriented idea, expressed through lines of business and fashion brands. We are JZO.



Rigid expectations around the idea of masculinity and what is permissible to remain within the privileges it provides has hobbled many a designer’s attempts to innovate and stretch the boundaries of menswear. Joseph O. Ike and Ola Akindeinde started Nigerian based Menswear Fashion Brand, JZO because they felt constricted by these limitations and wanted to provide alternative options for Nigerian men of all ages. The JZO brand began its journey into made-in-Nigeria menswear by taking a long overlooked source of inspiration, traditional Nigerian menswear. A near inexhaustible source of source material, the duo has spent the last four years contemporizing traditional silhouettes in simple and elegant ways, and introducing distinctly Nigerian textiles and dyeing techniques like Aso-oke and Adire to a new generation of fashionable Nigerian men. The brand prides itself in its affordable price points for excellent tailoring and durable materials and forward thinking design. As the brand has grown, JZO has expanded to cater to specific needs like work wear and evening wear, while remaining at front runner in the menswear apparel niche.



The Ziistudios brand took a little longer to establish than JZO. The first question we asked ourselves as we decided to wade into the complex and layered world of women’s wear was this: what can we offer women that they don’t already have from other women’s wear brands operating in the space. The answer was surprisingly easy, and two fold. We wanted to prove that women’s wear can be accessible and aspirational, especially to the post millennial women, navigating a complex duality of life on and offline. We also wanted to make clothes that were fun, flirty and unabashedly feminine. The Zii brand draws influence from the everyday lives of young Nigerian women whose personal style codes comes from a mix of influences; including nostalgic references to their childhoods and young adolescences before the age of Instagram and social media, current pop culture ruthlessly culled and curated across the world, and a hint of afrofuturist aspirations inspired by femme black role models like Beyonce Knowles, Chimamanda Adichie, Akweke Emezi and Janelle Monae. This cocktail is distilled through a sieve of minimalism and presented to the women we dress as an easy to wear, but never not stylish, contextually layered offering. Ziistudios is excellent apparel, without the fuss of high fashion or the guilt of fast fashion.



As a company that runs premium apparel brands in Nigeria, JZO Nig. Ltd understand better than most the constraints that hinder many creative Nigerians from scaling their design endeavours. As a way to solve the problems that plague design and apparel brands looking to scale and prove that manufacturing can work in Nigeria, we started Garment Production Inc. as an independent apparel mass production company. For more information visit: www.garmentpinc.com/about/



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